Wet Weather, Emergency Marquee Cover, Marquee Hire

Due to our permanent stock of wet weather provision, sporting events, councils and blue-chip clients have the ability to rely on us to provide emergency cover for their events. Our structures allow organisations to adapt their event, allowing them to take place regardless of weather conditions.

Over the last decade it has been consistently proven that providing cover for the public in front of shops, bars, restaurants and catering units, maximises customer experience and profitability.

Smaller structures such as the Small Marquee Series can be utilised to provide spontaneous cover, creating very flexible and reliable solutions. Large Marquee Structures can be incorporated, but do require additional strategic positioning and planning.

National Emergencies

Whatever the situation at Coopers Marquees we can provide temporary structures to give a solution to your needs.  From flooding to global pandemics we have miles of structures ready for use.  With a full team of skilled workers we are self sufficient from design to delivery.  We are MUTA registered and delivery high quality structures to meet the latest regulations and standards.  With all our resources in house we can control the project and deliver to meet urgent timesales.  Contact us on 01759 380190 for an immediate response.

Storage Marquees
Temporary Warehousing
Drive Through Structures
Temporary Morgues
Distribution Centres

Social Distancing Marquees

All in stock and sourced direclty form our yard on the outskirts of York

Marquees, Generators, Furniture, Toilets, Welfare Cabins, Mobile Coffee Vans, Mobile Food Vans


Social Distancing
Since the recent pandemic we are all adapting to new ways of living and doing business which look like they will be here for some time.  At Coopers Marquees we can provide marquees to cater for social distancing measures that are now in place.  Areas can be provided to give completley sealed tents, or simply roof only cover depending upon your needs.  From providing space for staff to eat and weather protection for cleints, drive through facilitlies to testing stations please do not hesitate to call our office to disucss with our team of experts.


Ultimate Wet Weather Cover

Wet weather cover with clear roofs are not only aesthetically pleasing, they optimise the facility, allowing sunlight through, but also provide shelter should weather conditions deteriorate.

Featuring peaked roofs on your structure, creates a focal point and can enhance the overall appearance.