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Emergency Structures

Not many businesses would have thought just a few short months ago they may be in need of an emergency structure but how times can change. Whether you have a temporary requirement to help with social distancing or a more semi-permanent need for more space then Coopers’ Marquees should be the first call you make.

With Government guidance evolving on a daily basis it is important that your organisation has the right resources to call upon to ensure business or service continuity. With a Coopers’ emergency build you are receiving more than just a structure; a team of experienced professionals will draw upon all their previous experience to take control of the situation and offer all the support you need, in every sense.

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Social distancing may be the new norm for the foreseeable future, making any long-term business planning a logistical nightmare. In many cases businesses are already requiring larger areas or covered walkways with space to stagger individuals at appropriate distances. Marquees offer a temporary, cost-effective, weather proof solution for many if not all business needs. 

The range of organisations this could apply to is ever expanding - from pubs and restaurants battling to re-open their doors through to schools and Local Authorities needing additional classrooms to get more pupils back into education. PPE suppliers are suddenly finding they need additional storage or production space, extra canteens for employees or self-contained washroom facilities to help fulfil social distancing rules. As gyms and leisure centres look to re-open the need for additional class and equipment space becomes a reality that has to be addressed before the “open” signs can re-appear.

Ideal For Any Emergency Situation

Our emergency structures comes in all shapes and sizes with as many additional extras as you require. Coopers can offer PVC windows, doors and roofs, a selection of hard or carpeted flooring, a variety of wall coverings that, together as a whole, create the correct environment and ambience in an emergency.

We are never surprised by what our clients require and adapt our offerings to suit every individual  needs. When the call is for a command-style structure for real or simulated emergency Coopers can provide generic command structures that are nationally recognised and used by the police and other emergency services and partner agencies.

Emergency Structures with Insulation and Temperature Control

Coopers is also able to offer marquees and temporary structures with insulation and temperature control properties to create the optimum environment for employees working in stressful situations, or in a worst-case scenario, mortuary facilities.

Stability and durability are never compromised and other options include elevated marquees and white ABS walls for more privacy and security. Toilets, generators, entrance branding are all options to ensure your emergency accommodation is absolutely fit for purpose.

And whilst they are built to last, they can be in place for a matter of days, weeks, or months, and can be adapted to suit your business as different needs or priorities evolve.

Call now 0800 907 0002 for no-strings attached advise and quote - why can provide the right emergency structure for the right situation.