Premium-quality marquee washing to maintain our own structures – and provide a marquee cleaning service for other hire companies.

Maintaining your marquees in pristine condition

Coopers Marquees has invested in the very latest marquee washing equipment to ensure we maintain all our modular marquee components in pristine condition. Our Havencrown NG6000 modular marquee cleaning machine provides high-capacity cleaning, from soaking to detergent application and drying.

Not only does this advanced cleaning facility ensure our own marquees are always delivered in the best possible condition, it also enables us to provide a cleaning service to other marquee hire companies.


Cleaning service for marquee hire companies

If your marquee hire business wants to save time and resources on awkward and ineffective manual marquee cleaning, Coopers Marquees can help you to achieve better, more efficient cleaning in between hire contracts. It means your marquee components will be cleaned to a higher standard and ready for re-hire more quickly, helping to maximise your hire revenues.