Coopers Marquees are a leading provider of Polygon Structures nationally.

Our high-roofed, innovative polygon structures are ideal for high-profile corporate events, stage shows, concerts, theatre productions and sporting events. You can transform the skyline of your exhibition or public event with this distinctive and unique style of marquee. It is a structure favoured by production companies and performance artists looking to create impact in an acoustically sound environment. It’s also suitable for hosting sporting events, with enough space to accommodate squash, volleyball, paddle court or tennis events.

The huge gable ends are ideal for displaying signage and messaging, while the vast interior space creates the perfect environment for large numbers of people. The high-strength construction also enables up to a tonne of production equipment to be suspended within the structure, with no need for additional internal supports.

The polygon structure has been specifically designed for us by the world’s leading manufacturer. Its 4m leg height and minimum ridge or centre height of 8m means it towers over most other event structures. It is available in widths of 18m or 25m, with no limit on length. There are only a small number of polygon structures available in the UK, so early booking is advised.