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Temporary Buildings

In these uncertain times, being able to react to changing situations could be the key to not merely surviving the current crisis but coming out the other side a stronger and more resilient business.

Coopers’ Marquees has been supplying businesses with temporary accommodation for more than 20 years, building a reputation for reliable and fast temporary building services that can make all the difference.

Judging supply & demand for business space needs is always difficult but Coopers’ Marquees are able to step into the breech and offer bespoke, temporary solutions that are cost-effective and immediate. We offer real value for money with marquee spaces that can be assembled, reconfigured, taken down and relocated with the absolute minimal disruption to your business, employees and customers.

24 Hour Response Time

Installation can be rapid and very specific, knocking days and weeks off a timetable when compared to traditional construction methods. Our frames can be erected directly onto concrete surfaces, with easy dismantle and removal all part of the service.

Coopers’ Marquees has a permanent stock of wet weather provision suitable for sporting events, councils and blue-chip clients. We have experience of working in emergency situations, allowing our customers’ organisations to adapt and continue, no matter what.

Why not call now 0800 907 0002 for a free telephone consultation - why can provide the right marquee for any situation!

We have a range of smaller structures that can be used to provide spontaneous cover, creating very flexible and reliable solutions. Larger marquee structures can also work but do require additional strategic positioning and planning. With miles of structures all stored in our York-based facilities we have the experience, products and team to parachute in to any situation and offer instant solutions for everything from temporary warehousing, drive-through testing structures and storage facilities.

When it comes to national emergencies, Coopers’ Marquees can provide temporary structures and a team of skilled workers that are self-sufficient from design to delivery. We are also MUTA and Chas registered, delivering high quality structures to meet the latest regulations and standards. Unlike many, all our resources are in-house so we can control the project and deliver to meet urgent timescales.

Temporary structures don’t have to detract from quality or aesthetics either. Our wet weather options have clear roofs that allow for more sunlight, but also provide shelter should conditions change. The option of choosing peaked roofs on your structure can create a focal point and enhance the overall appearance; so, one size or shape certainly doesn’t have to fit all.

An Instant and Cost-Effective Solution

Stability and durability are never compromised and options include clear PVC roofs and windows, elevated marquees, glass doors or white ABS walls for more privacy and security. Toilets, generators, entrance branding are all options to ensure your temporary accommodation is absolutely fit for its purpose.

And whilst they are built to last, they can be in place for a matter of days, weeks, or months, and can be adapted to suit your business as different needs or priorities evolve.

Call now 0800 907 0002 for a free no-strings attached consultation and quote, we have over 20 years of experience providing solutions for the NHS, Local Authorities and Government Organisations.